High-Tech Baby Monitors for Plugged-In Moms

Courtesy of iBaby

Baby monitors, those squawking, blinking abominations, have kept parents awake for decades. Now, however, new models let busy moms and dads spy on the wee ones from work or vacation and even let the grandparents peek in on the sleeping angels.

These modern monitors are more than just dumb transmitters. By connecting to the Internet, they can send video, voice, and alerts to your cellphones and computers, and small, handheld remote viewers let Mom and Dad keep tabs on the slumbering kids from anywhere in the house.

The latest devices aren't cheap, but they're pretty darn cool and can double as security cameras and video chat systems once it's time to let Junior sleep by himself.


First there's Lorex Live Connect, a baby monitor/camera that's compatible with Skype, allowing you to call in to see video, hear baby online, and watch the wee one on a handheld remote.

Courtesy of Lorex

The device really shines when it's connected to a home network. Once you're up and running, the monitor shows up as a contact on Skype, allowing you to "call" it and pick up video and audio from anywhere, including on remote iPads and iPhones. That way, Grandma and Grandpa can watch the kids from wherever they are too.

It supports up to four cameras at once and you can even take pictures with the handheld monitor. The bad news? It costs $400, about as much as a fancy baby carriage.

Next there's the iBaby, a high-tech camera that would be more at home in a Bond film than the nursery. The camera "rotates and pivots to follow your baby's movement," which is pretty creepy, and you can actually zoom in and pan around baby's room to get a closer look. iBaby also alerts you when the child cries or moves and, interestingly, it has a two-way radio so you can coo and sing baby back to sleep.

Plus it includes night-vision capabilities, and you can connect up to four cameras to a single station. Four separate users can view baby via an iPad or iPhone, and it also supports Androids, Macs, and PCs. It connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

This thing costs $200 -- a bit less than the Skype camera -- and will be available soon.

While nothing can replace a quick walk down the hall, these cutting-edge monitors can offer you peace of mind. Plus, you'll feel a little like a loving, caring archenemy in a Superman movie in the process.

Would you buy one of these new high-tech baby monitors?

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