Muppets Take Over 'WWE Raw': 5 Fantasy Match-Ups

muppetsI know wrestlers are all tough and make mean faces and sometimes they smash up parts of their bodies pretty seriously, but all in all, I'd have to say wrestling is kind of ... silly. Right? It's like slapstick, starring a cast of extremely colorful (if intimidating) characters.

So it's kind of perfect that some of the most colorful characters I can think of will be on WWE Raw this Monday (Halloween!): The Muppets! Think about it. They're loud, they're crazy, they're unpredictable ... who am I talking about, the Muppets or the wrestlers? BOTH! That's why this should be a match made in sports heaven.

Speaking of matches, I don't think any Muppets are actually getting in the ring, but if they did, which would emerge victorious? Here are my outcome predictions for 5 Fantasy Muppet Match-Ups ...

  1. Beaker vs. The Swedish Chef: Neither one of these guys can speak intelligibly. Can you imagine the sound of this fight? Hrmma, shrrmma, hrmpha, mmpha, hmph! Meep meep! This is a tough call, but I'm gonna say Beaker would beat the Chef. There's a lot of repressed rage going on there, I think.
  2. Rowlf the Dog vs. Fozzie Bear: You know, cause they're both furry. They're both pretty mellow dudes, though. Which would conquer? I'm gonna say Fozzie, on account of all his nervous energy.
  3. Sam the Eagle vs. Camilla the Chicken: A hawk/poultry face-off could only mean plenty of fowl play! HAHAHAHA. Camillia would kick tail!
  4. Animal vs. Gonzo: C'mon, Animal was born to be a wrestling star! Gonzo's the only one even remotely crazy enough to stand a chance. (But Animal would still win.)
  5. Miss Piggy vs. Kermit: Time to air the tension between those two. This is probably the closest to couple's therapy they'd ever come. Kermit, sadly, might not survive.

Will you watch the Muppets on WWE?

Image via Andrew Kuchling/Flickr

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