Lingerie Football League 'Catfight' Is an Insult to Female Athletes (VIDEO)

lingerie football league fightThe Lingerie Football League must be desperate for attention. There's no other reason why they would have put up a video of two of their players -- Julia Rolfe of the Tampa Bay Breeze and Tamar Fennell of the Cleveland Crush -- getting into a nasty brawl and title it "Kicking and Scratching." No other reason why they would seemingly relish all the press about this "catfight" or "girl fight," which looks like it was choreographed to play right into any red-blooded, straight American male's most twisted fantasy. 

This stunt seems to be nothing more than the crowning, unnerving touch on an already irritating organization. Yeah, these Lingerie Leaguers take their game seriously, and that may have been why the fight broke out in the first place! But that doesn't change the fact that the way the whole thing is marketed and packaged should really disturb real, strong female athletes.       


These women who do take their game play so seriously shouldn't want to be associated with a league like this that requires them to prance around in their underwear and then makes a "hee hee, isn't this horny fun?" show of girl-on-girl violence. And they don't NEED to be associated with it either!

It's not like the Lingerie League is the only organization open to female football players. There's also the WPFL (Women's Professional Football League) and the IWFL (Independent Women's Football League). I'm sure there are occasional fights among those leagues' players, as well, but it's not like the women who play for them are being showcased as if they were participating in a skeezy bar's wet t-shirt contest or mud fight. Don't these women see how the Lingerie League is built on an idea that's at its core, incredibly degrading?

Here's the video of the fight, just to put the whole thing in context.

What do you think -- are you pro or anti-Lingerie Football League?

Image via YouTube

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