Tiny Football Player's Amazing Story Belongs on the Big Screen

Jayson CarterThink Division I College Football and a lot of "B" words come to mind. Big. Burly. Beefy. But the newest addition to the Rice University Owls football team is none of those. Jayson Carter is short. And skinny. And let's just throw another "S" word out there: he's here to stay.

As far as Rice Coach David Bailiff is concerned, Carter has as much right to be on the football field as any other student who tries out. Even though the walk-on is 4'9" tall and 135 pounds. By definition, he's a midget, and in many states, his height is JUST at the far end of needing a booster seat in the family car.


That's 9 whole inches shorter than Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger, the world's most famous pint-sized walk-on. And 30 pounds lighter too. In fact, Carter is thought to be the smallest NCAA Division I football player ever. Height charts put him at about the size of your average 12-year-old boy. Hollywood should be scrambling for the movie rights right about now!

People eat these types of stories up, and there's always an "aww, what a wonderful coach to open his heart to a kid like that" angle to it. Baliff does come off as a really nice guy. But can we talk about Carter for a minute?

Talk about chutzpah! In interviews, the freshman running back comes off with an immense amount of self-assuredness, more so than the typical teenager in their first year away from home anyway. He says he ran into a kid he used to play against back in his youth football days (which led to four years playing high school ball), and the guy asked if Carter was still playing. So he figured, hey, why not?

All those "B" words that would come to mind if someone like me were encouraged to try out for a Division I football team didn't even factor. And he's both shorter and skinnier than I am. But he's got another "B" word all sewn up: brave.

Would you be as brave as Jayson Carter?


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