World Series Ticket Scalpers Need Your Help Paying the Bills

baseball ticketApparently crime really does pay. Or at least it used to for World Series ticket scalpers in St. Louis, Missouri. But this year marks the first St. Louis Series since Missouri legislature legalized the practice of "flipping" tickets, and scalpers -- or "brokers," as they now prefer to be called -- aren't making bank the way they used to back when they were breaking the law (breaking the law!!).

With the whole dirty business out in the open, anybody and everybody can buy/resell tix at any price. Between amateurs invading the street beat and the rise of sites like Craigslist, StubHub, and eBay, good old-fashioned scalpers just can't compete.

Awww, it's kind of sad, isn't it? Scalpers are like ... peanuts and crackerjack. Don't these mainstays of Major League Baseball deserve to make an honest buck? I mean a dishonest buck? No wait, it really is honest now.

I think.


Either way, you could say ticket-scalping is a time-honored tradition, particularly when it comes to BIG DEAL EVENTS like the World Series. We can't just let these noble custodians of baseball lore fall by the wayside, forced into an irrelevant existence by easy-to-navigate websites that don't require sports fans to approach sketchy-looking dudes in trench coats lurking outside the stadium.

It's funny, though, the distinction between what's legal and what isn't, and the way the government seems to profit more from vices like drugs, alcohol, gambling, and prostitution when they're illegal. (If they really wanted to win the War on Drugs, they'd just decriminalize them.)

So maybe ticket-scalping will be a law-breaking offense again in St. Louis before long. Hell, maybe prohibition will come back, too.

Do you think ticket scalpers deserve to make a decent living?

Image via bk1bennett/Flickr

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