Apple TV Will Seal the Deal on Steve Jobs' World Domination

apple TVEven though Steve Jobs is no longer with us, we still have plenty of exciting technology born in his brilliant mind to look forward to. One of those things might just change the way we use our TVs forever. Yup, an Apple Smart TV is probably in the works, according to Steve Jobs, the biography written by Walter Isaacson that was released on Monday. And it could be in our homes by 2013.

We better just face the facts: Apple will revolutionize the way we use our TVs. They totally changed how we use our phones, right? The question, though, is just how the Apple Smart TV would change our TV viewing experience. Well, for one thing, it would probably sync with all of your other Apple devices. So I'm guessing that means you'd be able to seamlessly view your iPhone pics on your Apple TV. Forget all that messing around with an HDMI cable -- just beam 'em around using iCloud! (I'm sure snap-happy toddlers, like my boyfriend's niece, will appreciate that!)


Even cooler? The now-famous iPhone 4S's voice-command app, Siri, will likely be integrated into the Apple Smart TV system, according to an analyst at Piper Jaffray Cos.

OMG. YES!!! I have always wanted my TV to respond when I yell at it!!! Whoo whoo! Does this mean we'll be able to command Siri to set our DVRs for us? Probably. I'm sure she can search for shows, saving time scrolling through hundreds of those foreign-language or sports channels you don't even watch! Oooh ... might it mean we can get her to call up the cable company and give 'em hell for charging us for exorbitant fees for the premium channels?! Ehhh ... probably not. But it does seem like having Siri built into a TV system would smooth out some of the everyday kinks in entertainment-viewing.

I have a feeling these two attributes are only the tip of the iceberg for the Apple Smart TV, and that said, I am all for it. Yes, maybe that means I'm a total Apple geek, and the company's gadgets will soon dominate my household ... and perhaps existence, eeek! But that's okay. If enjoying the most cutting-edge, user-friendly technology is the trade-off, most of us will be happy to go with the flow.

What do you think about the Apple Smart TV?


Image via Ryuichi IKEDA/Flickr

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