App That Promises to Stop Drunk Driving Is a Joke

car accidentTo say that the thought of sending a child out into the world -- in a car -- is terrifying is an understatement. I was a teenager once -- and I've gotta be honest, when it came to driving, I didn't always err on the side of caution. I definitely may have changed lanes a few times when I shouldn't have, and I definitely may have gotten into the car with someone who had had a couple of drinks. No bueno.

It would have been great to have had an app that would have curbed this type of reckless behavior. But, back when I was in high school, apps were only something you ordered at Friday's. Zing!

Luckily, it's the year 2011 and the kind of app that deters kids (and adults) from drinking and driving does exist. It's called "Show Me My Buzz." The only problem? I'm not so sure people are going to use it for what it's meant for.


The app is available for both Androids and iPhones and it's actually brought to us courtesy of the Missouri Department of Transportation. It gives users an approximation of what their blood alcohol level is, as well as the phone number of a local taxi service. The goal of the app, obviously, is to make people think twice -- or not at all -- before drinking and driving.

I think this app has really, really good intentions. I mean, it's trying to curtail drunk driving for God's sake. But I also think that Show Me My Buzz will be just that for a lot of people -- an app that will be able to offer them a good laugh by showing them how wasted they are. I'm not proud to admit this, but I've been to a couple of parties in my day where an actual breathalyzer was passed around for the sole purpose of seeing who's most hammered.

The good thing is, the app offers the phone number of a cab service with it. That may be the game changer right there. Sure, people know they're supposed to call a taxi when it's closing time, but not all of them do -- be it because they don't want to wait for one, or because they don't have the number of one on hand. Maybe if they see a phone number, they'll make the decision to call.

Hopefully, this is just my cynical take on it, though. Hopefully, Show Me My Buzz will have a huge effect on people who would have otherwise driven drunk. At the very least, it can't hurt.

Do you think this app will stop drunk driving?


Image via adrian8_8/Flickr

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