Texas Rangers Pitcher Surprises Fans With Comedy Routine (VIDEOS)

derek hollandYou gotta love a man who's multi-talented. I think that's why Texas Ranger starting pitcher Derek Holland hit a major home run (pardon the pun) last night with his on-air impersonation of baseball broadcast legend Harry Caray. Come on, first the 25-year-old leads his team to the World Series and now it turns out he's funny, too? What a guy!

As charmed as I was by Holland's unexpected performance, I'm still not sure his shtick stands up to Will Ferrell's now-classic Caray impersonation, an SNL highlight of the late 1990s. To be fair, Will Ferrell can do no wrong in my eyes, but Harry Caray is definitely one of his most hilarious bits ever.

So which version of Harry Caray is better, the Derek Holland or the Will Ferrell?

Watch both carefully before you decide ...


Here's Derek Holland's impersonation from Monday night's game:

Pretty dang good, right? And cute, too.

But -- sorry Derek -- I think I'm gonna have to stand by my man Will Ferrell on this one. If the moon were made of barbecued spare ribs, would you eat it then?? HA!

Which one is your favorite?

Image via YouTube

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