Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Make a Spectacle of Themselves at Hockey Game

Selena Gomez Justin BieberSports and celebrity fans just seem to go together like Forrest Gump and Jenny. But it looks like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez could use a refresher course in how to be a good fan. Lesson one: making out at a hockey game when you're that famous isn't fair to the players.

The Biebs and his adorable girlfriend rented a private box at the Winnipeg Jets' game against the Carolina Hurricanes on Saturday night, which they apparently thought qualified for "getting a room." The teenagers were caught smooching by the photographers who were supposed to be there shooting the hockey game. Way to take attention away from the men on skates, guys!


Gomez and Bieber are young. I get it. Dating when you're a teenager is all about PDA. But this isn't their first rodeo. Biebs is a well known sports fan. Selena's auctioned off baseballs for charity, and they've been spotted in the stands at the NBA Finals. They should know by now that true fanship is in showing a little respect for the players. It's the players' turn to shine, not yours!

To be honest, this isn't just a celebrity thing. I roll my eyes at a lot of the stupid JumboTron antics. I go to a game to see a game. Not some moron who can't think of an original way to propose to his girlfriend.

The same goes for celebrities. When I'm at a game, I get a little starstruck, but it's the sight of Derek Jeter that gets me going, not some actress who's there to do the same thing I am.

Considering Gomez's reported discomfort with how overboard some fans have gone -- from legitimate stalkers to death threats -- she in particular should be well aware of just how many eyes will be on her. It wouldn't have hurt to save the show for a concert stage. Or at least until they left the arena.

Yeah, the camera will seek them out regardless. Even in my cranky old sports fan mode, I have to admit they can't help that. The same goes for the likes of Jay-Z at a New Jersey Nets game or George W. Bush at a Texas Rangers game. But the latter two -- and plenty of other famous celebrity sports fans -- have given these two kids ample examples of what to do in that circumstance. Smile, wave, and focus on the game. The cameraman, bored, will more than likely turn BACK to the game. Where he should have been focused in the first place!

The Jets actually won their game 5-3, by the way. Not that anyone's really talking about their part in their own game.

Do you think celebrities making a spectacle when they're attending a game as fans is unfair to the players?


Image via americanistadechiapas/Flickr

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