Fast Fleeing Netflix Fans Finally Get Their Revenge

netflixThe numbers have been released and it's official: Netflix has lost 800,000 customers in the past three months, thanks to their greedy price hike. As of September 30, 2011, the streaming and DVD site was down to 23.8 million users, compared to the 24.6 million users it had on June 30, 2011. And, although we're not surprised by this decline, it's a lot more than Netflix expected. A letter to investors from CEO Reed Hastings and CFO David Wells stated: "Our primary issue is many of our long-term members felt shocked by the pricing changes, and more of them have expressed that by canceling Netflix than we expected."

We've (I've) written about Netflix a lot here on The Stir in the past few months, chronicling -- and poking fun at -- their rapid demise. So, of course, it brings me some pleasure to know that they're officially tanking. But ... it also bums me out because they used to be the awesome, affordable alternative to the greedy cable companies. 


When they first debuted, Netflix was the s**t, to put it bluntly. They were the company on everybody's lips -- especially where I lived, movie-obsessed Hollywood -- and it seemed like every week, a new friend or acquaintance of mine was joining. A bunch of us cancelled our HBO and Showtime subscriptions, because who needed it? We had Netflix! It was one of those rare companies where the customer actually seemed to come out on top, and it felt good to stick it to Time Warner.

But now, fast-forward to five years later, or however long ago I joined, and Netflix really is no different than Time Warner, Comcast, Verizon, or Optimum. They're not about the customer coming out on top, they're just another selfish company. So, while I'm sad to see the old Netflix go, I'm happy to see the new Netflix go down. In flames.

Do you still have Netflix?


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