Paranoid Police Pepper Spray Football Fans for Doing Traditional Dance (VIDEO)

haka danceSheesh. Didn't the pair of police officers in Roosevelt, Utah who pepper-sprayed a bunch of fans at a high school football game ever see the movie Invictus? If they had, maybe they wouldn't have been so freaked out when the group of Polynesian men and boys -- who had travelled some 125 miles to support a relative playing in the game -- tried to boost the losing team's spirits by performing the Haka, a traditional dance of the Maori tribe.

In case you haven't seen the Morgan Freeman/Matt Damon flick either, the Haka, which is like a pre-battle chant, was made popular by rugby players in New Zealand (particularly the All Blacks).

And yeah, it's kind of intimidating, I guess, what with the scary facial expressions and the chest-beating and all of that. But pepper spray??


Seems a bit extreme, doesn't it? The police officers in question claim they pepper-sprayed the dancers because they were blocking the exit.

Perhaps if there were a hundred or so men and boys shouting and gesturing aggressively, I might sorta kinda understand why the two police officers flipped their lids. But there were only about a dozen dancers. A dozen! Come on, 12 dudes doing a tribal dance at a high school football game and you bust out the pepper spray?

Nobody else who was at the game seems to think there was any cause for concern, either. In fact, bystanders are tossing around terms like "an embarrassment" to describe the cops' reaction. Others have complained of being caught in the pepper spray crossfire, which would definitely make me a very unhappy sports fan.

Police are reportedly investigating the incident. What consequence, if any, the officers face is unclear. But I have a suggestion: Repeated viewings of Invictus, to be followed by a healthy spritz of pepper spray (hey, an eye for an eye!).

Then maybe a few more screenings of Invictus for good measure.

Watch this video and tell me ...

Do you think police overreacted by pepper-spraying the Haka-dancing fans?

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