Your Cell Phone Is Dirtier Than a Toilet

iphoneThere's a small part of me that really wishes scientists would stop conducting studies that determine just how disgustingly germ-ridden everything on the face of the earth is. I already won't go to the movies without a jacket with a hood; I now wear gloves when touching my steering wheel; and I think the last time my bare hands made contact with anything in a public restroom was at some point in elementary school.

So, you can imagine the shock, horror, and anxiety that overcame me when a new study just released the really, really, really gross thing found on 1 in every 6 cellphones.

Yes, it's probably what you think it is.


Fecal matter! Poop. Doo-doo. Caca. Yes, that ... substance we do our damnedest to avoid all day long by flushing the toilet at work with our feet is on our cellphones. Well, some of our cellphones.

According to Time, UK researchers swabbed 390 cellphones, along with the hands that used them, and they found that 16 percent of both were contaminated with E. coli bacteria. Which, unfortunately, comes from poop. The study also found that 92 percent of hands and 82 percent of mobile phones were contaminated by some sort of bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus

Now, this is disgusting, am I right? But the thing is, it doesn't have to be this way. It can easily be prevented by, you know, washing your hands after using the restroom. Researchers think that, most likely, the contamination occurs when people don't partake in this typically customary practice after going to the bathroom.

Another way to rid your cellphone of germs? Wipe it down with an alcohol-dipped cotton ball once a week. Yeah, yeah, I know you think you're the cleanest person since Monica Gellar, but who knows what pollutants have latched themselves onto that bad boy? Do you really want them touching your face? Blech.

Look, bottom line is this: The world is a filthy, nasty cesspool of diseases and germs. You may be really clean and you may always wash up after using the bathroom. But that doesn't mean everybody else is. So, to err on the side of caution, don't touch anybody's phone. And don't ever let anybody touch yours.

Are you a germophobe? Do you clean your cellphone?


Image via MJ/TR/Flickr

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