Cardinals Owe World Series to a Bunch of Babies (VIDEO)

cardinals babySure, the Cardinals are good baseball players and all that, but the jig is up! Sorry boys, now everybody knows your secret way of making it into the World Series: Magic babies.

Busted, Cardinals!

It's true (kind of). See, every year the Cardinals have been in the World Series, Illinois mom Kelly Le Chien has given birth to a baby. Seriously, every year -- 2004, 2006, and 2011. Apparently Kelly's husband John has even nicknamed their kids accordingly: "lost to Boston," "beat Detroit," and the latest addition, "hopefully beat Texas."

Um, sure. Why not?


Not surprisingly, local Cardinals fans are hopeful that the Le Chiens will continue to expand their family ... like, on a yearly basis. But despite the pressure to procreate, Kelly and John feel like their house is pretty full already.

Uh-oh. If the Cardinals were smart, maybe they'd consider making the Le Chiens an offer they can't refuse. Free tickets for life, perhaps?

You've got to admit that baby looks pretty dang cute in her Cardinals cap.

Don't you think the Le Chiens deserve some swag?

Image via ksdk

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