Unhappy Worker Quits With Help of Marching Band & YouTube (VIDEO)

joey quitsBefore there was YouTube, there were people quitting their jobs in a normal fashion. You know what I'm talking about. Sitting your boss down to tell her you're giving your two weeks; handing in a well-thought-out letter of resignation; or simply not showing up and having your friend go pick up your final paycheck for you. But these days, what with the ability to broadcast all your wacky antics for the world to see, leaving your job is an entirely different beast.

Take Joey DeFrancesco of Providence, Rhode Island, for instance. He didn't just tell his manager at the Providence Renaissance Hotel that he was moving on to greener pastures, he brought in an entire marching band with him to break into upbeat song after throwing his resignation letter at the guy. And of course, he uploaded the video to YouTube.

Check it out.


What a zane, huh? And did you see the look on Boss Man's face? He no like. My only complaint is that Joey bailed too quickly after saying, "I quit." It's like he got nervous or something. I would have liked to have seen him take a beat or two before walking off. But that's probably just my inner Wes Anderson talking.

Joking aside, it is pretty funny (not like ha-ha funny) that this is how Joey -- and many others -- decided to quit. Once upon a time, it would have been considered a really bad career move to peace out with a gigantic marching band in tow. But now? Joey will probably get some other, more fun job, where they don't treat their employees like shit. All thanks to his YouTube video and its almost two million hits.  

Would you ever quit your job in a crazy way? Or are you more old school?


Image via YouTube

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