20 Tech Words That Are More 'Annoying' Than Sexting

tech wordsThere are a lot of things that annoy me about the Internet, but all the ridiculous lingo is probably No. 1. One second I'm LOLing, then I'm saying OMG, and soon after, I'm wondering who pinged me on Twitter and spammed my inbox. Oy. I get a headache just thinking about.

Computeractive magazine recently singled out the top 10 most horrible tech words in a survey, and "sexting" was voted the most annoying. Sure, that's not my favorite either, but I guess I've grown immune to it. Plus, saying "sexting" is so much quicker than saying "dirty texting," and I'm all for saving time. The runners up in their survey? Intexicated, defriend, and Twittersphere

Let's be real: when it comes down to it, can we really pick one most annoying tech word? I don't think so. Take a look at these 20 horrible, yet hilarious, tech words that will make you LOL:


1. Gopher: It's a complicated term with a confusing definition. It has something to do with searching for things. Trust me on this one.

2. Moof monster: I think it's best if I use this one in a sentence. "Whoops, sorry I got kicked out of the chat room, the moof monster must have gotten me!" In other words, it's referring to some invisible monster that messes up your web surfing.

3. Hub: A common connection point for devices.

4. Dongle: A device connected to a computer that allows access to wireless networks. Sorry, but I can't help but think R-rated with this one.

5. Jughead: You mean, like the Archie comic book character? Apparently, it's a sort of search engine.

6. Mi-Fi: Stands for "my wireless" and is a small device that connects to a cellphone network.

7. Glyph: A type of hard drive.

8. Zombie: A computer that's been hacked. Eeeek!

9. Wi-Fi: Wireless Fidelity. Yeah, I never knew what Wi-Fi stood for until now, either.

10. Deep crack: HAHAHAHAHA. Crack.

11. Dwelling: A place online where people hang out. Isn't that also called a chat room? No?

12. Dittoism: When Internet users think the same way because that's the "norm." FYI: There is no "normal" when it comes to the Internet.

13. Qubit: A word that sounds like quidditch. That's all.

14. Scrobble: When you "scrobble" a song online, it means it is added to your personal music profile on sites like Last.fm.

15. Vlog: A video blog. Whoever came up with that one ... genius.

16. Avatar: A picture you use to represent yourself online. I just can't help but envision myself as a large blue lizard-looking thing running around the jungle.

17. Petabyte: A unit of information. Sounds like a parasite to me.

18. Dodgy domains: Fake websites that pose as legitimate ones. Those pesky impersonators!

19. Megahertz: Makes me think of a hearse. Which makes me sad.

20. Egosurfing: Scanning the web looking for your name.

What's your least favorite tech word?


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