Red Sox Players Aren't Dugout Drunks

red sox dugout fenway parkFirst, the Red Sox were under fire for drinking beer in the clubhouse during games. They admitted that was true. But now, they're getting "tsk, tsk"s for a report that they were drinking beer in the dugout during games! Whoa! It's one thing behind closed doors, right, but put it out there in potential view of fans, kids, TV cameras, and it's a whole different, err, ballgame?

The Red Sox responded quickly, and team president Larry Lucchino, along with a bevy of players, said that they have "absolutely, positively" never allowed beer-drinking in the dugout during games. They obviously wanted to shut the rumors down ASAP, stating, "It is time to look forward and move forward, rather than allow a reckless, unsubstantiated accusation from ‘anonymous sources’ to mislead the public.” In other words, "back off, you lousy lyin' sports journos!" ... basically.


Now, I don't think that pro-athletes in general are always the most upstanding, sober people. I'm not surprised that some Red Sox enjoyed a "rally beer" in the clubhouse from time to time. But the idea that they'd be guzzling away in the dugout? Not likely. They're getting so much grief for the chewing tobacco that has been A-OK for however many hundred years -- it doesn't seem like anyone would be delusional enough to think it would be a good idea to throw back a pint before going up to bat. Heh, and not because they don't want to necessarily ... but because it's too risky to engage in that kind of "behavior" in plain view of the public.

But furthermore ... what's the big freakin' deal? It's BEER. They're ballplayers! Everyone else is drinking at baseball games! Why not the players? Ha! I know ... they're tough, serious athletes who shouldn't be tipsy. They should be focused on their game. Chugging Red Bulls. Grrrr! Game ON!! But no, seriously ... I don't buy the rumor that they're getting their drink on in the dugout. It's a non-issue. I'm sure there are athletes who are actually stirring up some trouble. Let's worry about them instead.

Do you believe the Red Sox drank in the dugout? Would you mind if they did?


Image via Chip Griffin/Flickr

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