iPad Bag That Costs More Than the iPad Is Worth It

diane von furstenberg ipad bagIt's hard to remember a time when everyone didn't have an iPad. Understandably -- when you are like everyone else toting around the same awesome device, you want to stand out, right? Right.

Enter the $695 Harper Connect Leather Daybag from Diane von Furstenberg. Sure, it may look like your standard oversized designer must-have bag for fall. But lo and behold, the side unzips and there's the perfect spot for your little piece of iGreatness.

Of course, some may say spending $695 for a bag like this may be silly, especially considering the iPad itself starts at $499. But you are seriously mistaken.

Take a look at these 4 reasons this $695 designer iPad bag is a worthwhile investment:


1. It's a lazy woman's dream: Now you have easy access to your iPad without having to shuffle through your massive purse to find the darned thing. Simply unzip the side pocket, and voilà! If only finding your fave lipstick was this easy.

2. It's a case and handbag in one: Designer bags are always going to cost a pretty penny. What makes this bag worth the splurge is that it serves two functions! Think of it this way: If you were going to buy a regular designer bag for, say, $320, and an iPad case for ... OK, forget the math. All that matters is one bird, two stones. End of discussion.

3. Bragging rights: I bet you my entire paycheck that no one else you know is going to have this bag. No, not because it's stupid (because, like I said, it's SO rad!), but because no one has as good taste as you do, DUH! All the gals will totally be jealous.

4. Security in safety: This bag has a separate slot specifically for your iPad, which, as an iPad owner myself, I find very comforting. I have a cover on my tablet, and still get a little anxious when I carry it around in my purse without an additional protective sleeve. It's an investment you want to protect, and this DVF Daybag will 100 percent get the job done!

OK, in all seriousness, this bag is a little excessive. BUT if I was loaded, this would be a no-brainer! I think just for now, I'll look into snagging myself a cute sleeve. That should hold me over until I can afford to be big time with the brand names.

What do you think of the Diane von Furstenberg iPad bag?

Images via DVF

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