Loving the iPhone 4S Is Complicated (VIDEO)

iphone 4sI fell in love during the summer of 2009. Having only had smartphone "experience" with a lame-o BlackBerry Pearl that kept losing its trackball, it was love at first sight with my first sleek, beautiful, web-browsing, clear photo-taking iPhone -- the 3GS. As many iPhone fans will tell you, switching to Apple's holy grail cellphone changes your life. So, when I upgraded this month to the new iPhone 4S, I expected nothing short of the same thing. I figured I'd fall in love all over again.

Upon finally getting it up and running on Monday a.m. (after what could only be described as a UPS delivery fail), I can safely say ... I'm definitely warm and fuzzy for my upgraded iPhone. There's a lot to adore. But also, a few things that drive me a little wacko.


I love my iPhone 4S, because ...

  • It takes crystal-clear, 1080p HD video ... which is absolutely gorgeous and noticeably better than the old iPhone or videos I've seen from any other smartphone. This promo video of what the iPhone 4S video looks like below? Yeah, totally legit.

  • Siri, the personal assistant app, totally makes life easier! I swear, I thought "she'd" be completely useless and end up just being an annoying "party trick" addition to my phone. But after the first 24 hours with my iPhone 4S, I stand corrected. I love that not only does Siri have a sense of humor, but she "gets" what I'm asking her to do, and she cuts the time it used to take to do certain tasks (like Google restaurants nearby or set an alarm or call someone from my contacts list) in half! It's sort of like having my very own intern in my phone. Yeah, I admit ... I sort of love the power trip that gives me.
  • The A5 chip that the iPhone 4S sports (which also runs in the iPad) is amazing, if only because it makes web pages load faster and apps open faster, and it caters to my complete lack of patience!  

But here's why it makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes ...

  • Siri can be so eerily accurate when I'm dictating a text to her that I miss out on making funny autocorrect mistakes!
  • That crystal-clear video? Yeeeah, not so forgiving when someone randomly calls you using FaceTime and the iPhone is all up in your hormonally broken-out complexion.
  • It doesn't look like a "new iPhone" ... at all. But also, when I showed it to some friends who already own the 4, they weren't very impressed at first. Part of the fun of being an early adopter is making friends JEALOUS! (However, when I brought out Siri to sing and dance for them, they quickly changed their tune and were trying to figure out when their contract is up!)
  • It has a weight problem. Yeah, my new iPhone is a bit chunky. As you probably know by now, the external design of the 4S is the same as the 4. And I admit, I kinda liked the trimmer, less boxy design of the 3GS. It definitely felt smaller and fit in the cellphone pocket of my purse easier. But maybe I just need a sleeker case?

All in all, I'm pleased I upgraded and have a new smartphone companion in the form of the 4S. However ... if summer 2012 brings a thinner, even cooler iPhone 5 to the market, I can't say I won't be one of those fools scheming how she can get her hands on the Next Best Thing.

Did you upgrade to the iPhone 4S? What do you love/"hate" about it?


Image via Brett Jordan/Flickr

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