iPhone 4S's Siri 'Sings' in a Hilarious Duet (VIDEO)

siri duetUnless you live under a rock with no Wi-Fi, surely you've heard about Siri, the new "personal assistant" application that comes with the iPhone 4S. Heck, maybe you've even played around with her a bit, or perused the amusing Tumblr, S**t I Say to Siri. But have you written a song and sung a duet with her yet? You haven't? Well, no need to worry. This dude, Jonathan Mann, already has. And it's hilarious.

Mann strums his guitar next to Siri in a melancholy kind of way and asks her some classic questions ("Do you love me?" "Will you marry me?" "What do you look like?"), and Siri "sings" back to him, turning the song into a sassy duet. The result? An oddly good tune that's sure to make you laugh. (And that just might get stuck in your head.)

Check out the video ...


Pretty funny, huh?

Have you used Siri yet? What crazy questions have you asked it?


Image via YouTube

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