Football Player Would Rather Punch Coach Than Slap Him on the Butt (VIDEO)

lesean mccoy andy reidSo, I've never really understood the whole tradition of football players smacking each other on the bum as a way of saying, Job well done, my man. (That is what they're trying to say, right?) But traditions are rarely rooted in any sort of logic, so at a certain point, I guess I just threw my hands in the air and figured, Why ask why?

But I must admit to being curious about WHY Eagles running back LeSean McCoy celebrated his winning run in Sunday's game against the Washington Redskins by punching his coach Andy Reid in the gut. Has the patented Tush Tap gone out of style at last?


Or maybe McCoy is just too masculine a dude to lower himself to a playful rap on the rear. I'm a real man, I'll punch you in that big old belly of yours and it's gonna hurt, too!

Then there's the possibility that Reid was choking and McCoy, the only person to notice, was forced to perform some sort of extremely abbreviated Heimlich maneuver! McCoy not only won the game, he saved his coach's life!

My personal theory? I'm betting McCoy was secretly annoyed at Reid all day and finally lost control in a game-ending rush of testosterone and adrenaline. POW!

Check out this video and tell me what you think:

Good-natured jab to the belly or malicious sucker punch to the paunch?

Image via YouTube

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