New 'Golfers Only' Cemetery Could Start a Trend for All Sports Fans

golf cemetery in bellevue washingtonWhen you think of being buried one day among "your own," you probably think of being in a Christian cemetery or a Jewish one or maybe just one in your hometown or area. Who would think to say, "Hey, I'm such a devoted golfer, I think I'd like to be buried among other gung-ho golfers!"? Apparently, some people would, because Sunset Hills Memorial Golf Park in Washington state is now offering golfers an eternal resting place that will feel just like "home" to them, complete with a fountain and a fairway. There's even a sand trap gridded into spaces for urns.

The idea was inspired by a family who scattered their loved one on the fairway. Interesting ... I guess some people really do take their sport that seriously. You know, Sunset Hills may be trailblazing something here.


Now, the golfers buried there won't have to worry about eternally resting next to someone who was more into, oh, I don't know ... bocce ball or something. Hey -- maybe there could be dedicated burial grounds for athletes and fans of all different sports!

Like, okay, why shouldn't someone who absolutely lived, ate, breathed baseball be buried under home base somewhere? All over the world, there are tons of football -- you know, soccer -- fans who I'm sure would gladly sign up to spend eternity under a "pitch" (aka soccer field). And American football fans could be buried under the 50-yard line! Hey, maybe hockey fans could get cryogenically frozen under their favorite team's ice?!

Better yet, how about dividing up cemetery space based on what your team loyalties are? Come on, you know how much hatred Red Sox fans and Yankees fans have for one another. Or White Sox fans vs. Cubs fans! I'm sure there are some places on the East Coast and in Chicagoland especially where they've been forced to spend their afterlife side-by-side FOREVER! Daaaaaahh!! BUT -- if we were to have exclusive Red Sox fan cemeteries or exclusive Cubbies ones, that could be a major disaster averted. And the dead's feelings aside, well, what about their families having to face one another when visiting the graves? A Yankees fan is not going to be keen on seeing Red Sox memorabilia spilling onto their loved one's grave, you know. Seems to me this golfers-only cemetery is obviously on to something here!

What do you think about cemeteries devoted exclusively to golfers or loyal fans of any sport?

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