iPhone Case Covered in Diamonds Is Only Fit for a Kardashian

brikk gold iphone caseTo me, spending upwards of $300-$400 on a new iPhone isn't insane at all ... given that it's pretty much now your virtual assistant, digital planner, inbox, GPS, eReader, television, alarm clock, personal trainer, MP3 player, and oh yeah, cellphone, etc., all in one device. But spending $100,000+ on a case for the damn thing?! No, no, no. How on earth could you justify that??

But luxury design company Brikk must foresee having customers who will have no prob coughing up the dough to house their iPhone in a fancypants case! Because in January 2012, they'll debut the Brikk Trim Couture, an iPhone case that will be custom-made for every customer (duh, it better be for $100+K!) and will feature their choice of 600 black or white diamonds, with a total weight of six carats. Ay yi yi!!!!


But, but ... wouldn't you rather WEAR those six carats in the form of, oh, I don't know ... gorgeous diamond jewelry? Meh. Then again, if you can afford this, you're probably sufficiently set in the bling department, huh. How much you wanna bet this is something Kim Kardashian is going to be ALL ABOUT? "Kris, get me that six-carat case! Wah!" Mr. Diamond Teeth himself, Kanye West, will surely want one, too.

Anyhoo ... that's not all. In November, Brikk is releasing another luxury case called Trim Deluxe, which will be encrusted in laboratory-made sapphire glass. Seeexxxy. And these two rock star-ready cases only round out the collection Brikk already has, of cases made of gold, platinum, "black DLC," and "grey stealth" finishes ($3,000 to $4,500) and raw titanium ($2,630 -- a steal!). Now, let's be real for a moment. If you have ANY of these, aren't you just asking to be robbed?!

The sheer excessiveness of these cases aside ... Brikk is doing something pretty admirable. For every case sold, TONS (literally) of rice will be donated to needy nations. The amount of rice will depend on the case that's bought, but will range anywhere from one to 25 metric tons (for the blinged out case). That should warm altruistic rich gadget lovers' hearts ... but it doesn't make these cases any less over the top!

What do you think about these luxury iPhone cases?


Image via Brikk.com

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