David Beckham Says Goodbye to Fans in the Best Possible Way

david beckham with sonsIt's not like David Beckham is known exclusively for being a "footballer," or soccer player. He's an international celebrity for various reasons. But fans probably still got a bit sentimental last night when it was clear that Becks was bidding farewell to them after his final competitive home game in Los Angeles. He's spent the past five years playing for the LA Galaxy.

What made things even more teary, I think, was that he brought his three sons Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz out onto the field with him. They all bowed at the end of a 1-0 victory over local rivals Chivas USA. Victoria "Posh" and their 3-month-old baby girl, Harper, watched from a private box. So, all in all it was a family affair, it seems -- which definitely indicates what a good dad Becks is.


Not every famous dad would let his sons be a part of a shining moment in the spotlight like this. Then again ... maybe it was actually symbolic in a way.

Although there are rumors that Beckham may switch to another team either in England or France, there's equal buzz that he may just retire. Either way, I wouldn't be surprised if maybe he saw last night as an opportunity to sort of "pass the torch" to the next generation ... to his boys?

And regardless of what happens with that and when it happens, it will actually be nice to see him retire soon. It's not like the Beckhams need the fame or the money, right? He could walk away from his football career on a major high note and be an even better dad, because he'll be able to spend more time with his boys and his new daughter. Ahh, well, only time will tell! In the meantime ... they're all super-cute to look at, right?!

Do you love that Becks brought his boys out onto the field to say farewell?


Image via Splash News

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