Nicki Minaj Gives Child YouTube Star a Heartwarming Surprise (VIDEO)

nicki minajYou know what's awesome about YouTube? Besides the endless amount of time it allows us to kill at work? The fact that any ordinary person -- old, young, short, tall, black, white -- can get all sorts of amazing stuff if their video goes viral. Talk show appearances, commercials, record deals. The latest "sensation" to score big time? Sophia Grace Brownlee, the adorable 8-year-old girl who killed Nicki Minaj's "Superbass."

Sophia and her cousin, Rosie Grace McClelland (the silent but cute "hype girl" dancing in the background of the video), got to visit Ellen DeGeneres recently, where they received the surprise of their young lives: Nicki Minaj, the original, came out to meet them. 

Sophia's reaction could be cuter than her singing. And this video almost has as many clicks as her original! Just sayin'.


The best part? "I'm a second Nicki Minaj!" So cute. And so insane that in 2011, this is the result of two girls dancing and singing to a popular song. Not to split hairs, but my next door neighbor and I did a pretty mean "Walk Like an Egyptian" in the '80s -- and I'm still yet to come face-to-face with Susanna Hoffs.

Alas, there was no YouTube back then. No Rebecca Black (who got to meet and sing with Katy Perry). No Keenan Cahill (who got to meet and sing with everyone and star in a commercial for Smartwater with Jennifer Aniston). And no Antoine Dodson (who has been on every talk show in the world and has an iTunes song just for being robbed.) Times they have a changed. For the better, I guess. 'Cause without YouTube, we wouldn't be able to smile from this heart-warming meeting between Nicki Minaj and her biggest fan.

Though a Nicole Fabian-Weber/Susanna Hoffs one would have been pretty cute, as well.

How cute is Sophia?

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