Adorable Baby Thinks Magazine Is a Broken iPad (VIDEO)

baby with magazineBabies these days. They're so different from when I was one. Moons ago, when I was a drooling, waddling blob of cuteness, if you handed me a magazine, well, truth be told, I probably would have tried to eat it. Today's babies? They don't eat magazines. They just think of them as nothing more than broken iPads.

Check out this video of an adorable baby trying to use a magazine like an iPad. Welcome to the future, my friends.





Kind of crazy to witness, huh? There's something that will always be kind of odd to me about seeing babies -- especially itty-bitty ones that can't even talk yet -- operating technology better than, say, my grandmother could.

We non-babies have grown up watching technology evolve -- Apple II to MacBook; Nintendo to X-Box; giant Zack Morris cell phone to iPhone and Android. When the iPad came out, it was new and fascinating and unlike anything we'd ever seen before. To bambinos, it's just an everyday part of life. They don't know a world without that stuff. Trippy, right?

Although I guess in their lifetime they will see many advancements in technology, as well. Though that's kind of crazy to think about -- if they're coming into the world where we are now, technology-wise, image the evolutions they'll see!

Ugh, we're all so old.

Do you let your baby play with your iPad, iPhone, etc?


Image via YouTube

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