Apple Co-Founder Waits in Line for iPhone 4S Just Like the Rest of Us (VIDEO)

iphone 4s in white and blackToday's the day! It's finally here! The iPhone 4S has arrived in stores! And even though there was originally a lot of grumbling about the new model not being an iPhone 5, sales are looking fab! Apple fans are still lining up, waiting to be among the first to get their hands on it. You might not guess that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak would be waiting in a line just like the rest of us. But he totally was!

Last night, "Woz" -- as he's sometimes affectionately nicknamed -- sat in front of the Los Gatos, California Apple store in a Pico armchair, sipping Diet Dr. Pepper, and scanning his e-mails on his white iPad. He took photos with Apple customers and even signed a few Apple devices. But despite basically being Apple royalty, someone who could pull probably half-a-string to get the new iPhone, he says he just wants to be like any other early adopting geek.


He hasn't even played with it or checked out the new voice-activated "personal assistant" Siri. Wozniak told CNN:

I want to get mine along with the millions of other fans. I just want to be able to talk to my phone.

Ha! I love it! And yeah, okay, this could totally be a publicity stunt, but I don't know. Wozniak seems to be a pretty normal guy ... you know, aside from the fact that he likes to ride his Segway all over the place. But, that's not hoity-toity -- just a bit dorky. He did admit that he's ordered 2 iPhones to be delivered to his home, but he was "in line to buy one for his wife" Janet Hill. He and his wife told cops they planned to camp out all night.

This isn't the first time he's waited in line the day of Apple releases. He explained to TechCrunch that he feels like the products are just so good, waiting in line for them is just his way of recognizing that. The fact that he feels that way really does reflect really well on the company. I gotta say ... knowing he's so down-to-earth definitely makes me more of an Apple fan girl!

Here's a video of him chatting about why he hangs out in line and the features he's looking forward to having in the new iPhone ("one of the best cameras ever in a phone!") ...

Do you think Steve Wozniak waits in line for his new Apple devices as a publicity stunt?


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