Foursquare Radar Pesters iOS 5 Users to 'Explore' More

foursquare radarI never really understood "checking in" on apps like Foursquare or Facebook Places, because I figured you were just setting yourself up to get stalked! But then I discovered how fun it is to earn points and badges and coupons on Foursquare, and I admit, I'm semi-hooked now. Although, with the advent of the latest feature, Foursquare Radar, which works in sync with Apple's new operating system, iOS 5, I'm a little freaked out. Not because I'm worried that other people following me on Foursquare are going to stalk me. But that Foursquare ITSELF is going to turn into a total pest.

Here's the deal ... Foursquare Radar takes Foursquare to another level. Instead of just being an app for "checking in," it aims to help you check OUT "the world around you." It sends you alerts about places, people, or things you might (emphasis on MIGHT) want to visit near wherever you are. 


For example, you're in NYC's West Village, and because you may have checked in at several coffee places before, Radar will say, "Hey, you're near an organic espresso bar!" Or if your buddy is down the street in an art gallery, it will tell you that. Say you put a Mexican restaurant on your "to-do list," and you're a block away. It'll bug you about that, too! It's enough to make you want to say, "Gee, thanks, Radar, you're my new BFF!" ... OR ... "OMG IDONTCARESHUTUP."

Radar works by using the location tracker and geo-tagging features that Apple iOS 5 has. You know, those are the nifty ... but potentially creepy ... features in your iPad, iPhone, and iPad Touch that help the device figure out exactly where you are at any given moment. And that end up tagging pics you take with the exact location where you took them. Eeeeeeerie!

But the good news is that you can shut off Radar and you can shut off all the location tracking stuff in your phone, so if you don't want to be tracked and reminded and bugged about places to eat, things to see, people around you, etc., you won't have to be. Whew! Sounds good to me, because I don't ever want to feel nagged to death to discover or explore anything!

Would you use Foursquare Radar?


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