'Classy' Hockey Fans Boo Cancer Commercial (VIDEO)

NHL hockey fights cancerA couple years back when my Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, the winning game happened to be in the hometown of their opponents, the Philadelphia Flyers. And I will never forget the disgraceful behavior exhibited by those sore loser Flyers fans, who booed, jeered, and threw their junk on the ice when the game was over. I thought, "What a bunch of jerks! Show a little sportsmanship, why doncha?!" HA, and I thought that was bad. How about booing a commercial about fighting cancer?!

To be fair, when the spot -- which implores fans to join the fight and help The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society -- aired on the Jumbotron at Wells Fargo Center during the game last night, it was the NHL stars in the commercial that the fans were really "boo"-ing. Apparently, they cannot contain their hatred of players like Jonathan Toews, Ryan Miller, Sidney Crosby, etc. -- all for various reasons that seem pettier than the next.


(Toews, a Blackhawk, won the Stanley Cup on Flyers ice, Miller, the goalie for the Buffalo Sabres, helped push the Flyers to Game 7 in last year's playoffs, and everyone just hates Crosby for the sake of hating him.)

Sure, I get the hatred of rival players -- that's just part of the game. But this was a commercial that the ENTIRE NHL was involved in about their campaign to raise money that will support national and local cancer research institutions, children's hospitals, player charities, and local cancer organizations. The least the fans could do is respect that. And hello -- whether they feel their team was represented or not in the commercial, these annoying Flyers fans are a part of the NHL, whether they like it or not.

Thankfully, more than a few people were turned off by the Philly fans' behavior. When this happened, a slew of tweetsbehavior popped up, like this one from @T_Trev47: "you know ur in Philly when fans boo a hockey fights cancer video because crosbys in it #Flyers." Are they actually proud of their rep for being classless? If so, that's really sad. Seriously -- these fans have got to start showing a little more respect. After all, hockey's not all about them.

Here's the video they so readily booed:

Do you think it was out of line for them to boo the "Hockey Fights Cancer" commercial?


Image via NHL

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