Women Get Naked to Raise Money for Soccer Team

hutnik krakow calendarI'm of the mind that if you want to strip, strip. If you want to do porn, do porn. If you want to be a prostitute, be a prostitute! It's not affecting me, and who am I to judge, so to each their own.

But I recently found a kink in my laissez-faire attitude about women, their bodies, and what they choose to do with them when I learned that female "fans" of Polish soccer team Hutnik Krakow decided to shed their clothes in order to raise money for the struggling team.


The ladies stripped down to nothing but an alluring grin, and a tiny Hutnik Krakow flag painted somewhere on their bodies, for a calendar team spokesman Daniel Urbaniec is hoping will "give the male fans a real thrill and raise some cash for us so we can improve the facilities at the club."

See, the reason I have a problem with this is, well, they're not stripping for themselves. Daddy issues and hopes to score a reality show aside, isn't cold hard cash the reason women take off their clothes (and do porn and prostitute)? There's something sort of icky about baring it all for the sake of a bunch of rowdy, aggro dudes instead of themselves. Wasn't there another way to drum up money? Even though it was, most likely, a decision the women came to on their own, it kind of seems like they were taken advantage of.

Regardless, the ladies look fantastic in the photos. Really, very sexy. But I kind of hope the calendar doesn't raise any money for Hutnik Krakow, so other struggling teams don't get any ideas.

But who am I kidding? It's a bunch of naked women.

Do you think it's icky that the women stripped for the soccer team?


Image via metro

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