Nancy Kerrigan vs. Tonya Harding Boxing Match: Who's Your Money On?

nancy kerriganIn the mid-'90s, before O.J. Simpson and the "trial of the century," there was another scandal that rocked the sports world. In one of the most moronic sabotage attempts ever, trashy Tonya Harding had her ex-hubby and bodyguard hire a guy to attack her skating rival, Nancy Kerrigan, smashing her leg with a baton, with hopes of preventing her from skating in the 1994 Olympics. Thankfully, Kerrigan recovered and was able to score an Olympic silver medal, and Harding was charged with covering up the assault. That was all a long time ago, and you'd think it'd be water under the bridge. But it's not.

Apparently, some rich guy from the U.K. still wants to see these ladies go head-to-head and resolve their "feud" once and for all ... in a boxing match. Alki David, a digital media entrepreneur, says he wants the women to face off in three one-minute rounds on November 5. And he'll pay them each $100,000 to duke it out.


Unsurprisingly, Tonya's all about it. But Nancy has yet to commit. (Can you blame her? Especially after what she went through last year, with her brother killing their father?! Ugh!) But this David character has made a public appeal for her to join in, saying that they can give the money to charity if she'd prefer. Now I could see that offer being tempting enough that she just might sign up for the fight!

Now, if this actually plays out next month ... who would you put your money on?

Sure, Tonya's had a short-lived career in boxing, but I'd bet on Nancy. Trashy Tonya's assault pretty much made it so Nancy's entire life is characterized by that one scandal. Not to mention, she's probably been in a really rough place since her father's tragic death. All of that pent-up emotion could very easily translate to a major KNOCK-OUT! Plus, that silver medal is great and all, but if she won, she'd definitely be getting the last laugh. Sounds like great motivation to me! And of course, I would really just ROOT for Nancy to win, because Tonya seems like a nightmare of a person.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see if this crazy SNL skit-like premise actually plays out!

Do you think this sounds like a good idea? Who would you put your money on?


Image via Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

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