The George Clooney Twitter Rule You Might Want to Follow

george clooney

Oh that George Clooney! Not only is he dashingly handsome, adorably charming, super sexy, and wickedly smart, he's also got the common sense thing going for him -- especially when it comes to social media. We all remember in the past when he was famously quoted as saying he'd rather have a prostate exam than a Facebook page. Just recently, he shared his thoughts on Twitter.

So, when it comes to tweeting, what's Clooney's number one rule?


It's simple: He doesn't. And by that I mean he doesn't tweet AT ALL. Here's why:

I don't use Twitter because I tend to drink in the evening, and I don't want anything that I could possibly write at midnight to actually end my career. "You can kiss my ass." All spelled wrong.

Swoon. Everything this man says makes perfect sense. Another version of his statement is: Don't drink and tweet, which many a tweeter would do well to follow. And, is it just me or can you immediately think of several other celebrities who you wish would take a page from the book of Clooney and abstain altogether from writing in 140 characters? A certain Kardashian sister is coming to mind, followed in no particular order by Lindsay Lohan, Snooki, Roseanne, Teresa Giudice, and, now that you mention it, all of the Real Housewives. And for the love of god, don't leave off Courtney Stodden.

Of course, you've got to wonder if perhaps Clooney acts like he's so "above" Twitter (and other social media sites) because he's too impatient to figure it all out for himself. Regardless of the real reason, if Clooney wants to be a social media rebel, that's perfectly fine by me. I'll just have to continue to find other ways to stalk him. (I kid!)

Who do you think is the worst celebrity tweeter?


Image via csztova/Flickr

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