Walmart and Facebook Now 'Like' Each Other Even More

walmartOMG, have you heard?! The biggest big box store in the U.S.A. and the biggest social network in the world are now BFFs! Yeah, Walmart has officially teamed up with Facebook.

In other words, they've gone above and beyond what most retailers do with their fan pages on Facebook. You know, you can "like" The LOFT or Whole Foods and get tips and coupons in your news feed or participate in contests from time to time. But Walmart knows their customers want more. So, they figure the nonstop, information-overload, Ticker and Timeline world of Facebook is probably the best conduit for offering more to their loyal shoppers! Today, Walmart launched My Local Walmart, a page that lets the retailer's roughly 9 million Facebook fans follow what is happening at stores in their neighborhoods.


Facebook fans who follow the My Local Walmart page will get alerts about new products and discounts. Sounds normal, right? But that's not all. Oh no! Fans will also get at least two messages from their local Walmart at first, and also, come Thanksgiving, shoppers will be able to download maps of their local store from My Local Walmart, showing them where specific Black Friday merchandise will be in their store. Kinda cool, right ... but is it too much?

Then again, you know there are Walmart lovers out there who are a bit abnormally infatuated with the store ... just like there are people who are eerily glued to Facebook. Hence, why this partnership is obviously a match made in ... social media heaven. Being that Facebook is even more in-our-faces than ever now, Walmart shoppers will get their fix times ten from this new partnership. But hey, I'm sure it'll come in handy ... for those who REALLY REALLY "like" Walmart.

What do you think about this new partnership?


Image via Walmart/Flickr

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