NFL Player Brady Quinn Was Right to Ditch His Team

brady quinnThe Denver Broncos backup quarterback Brady Quinn may not be getting props right now for his game play, but he is being lauded as an awesome boyfriend. He took a red-eye flight to be with girlfriend elite gymnast Alicia Sacramone, who needed surgery for a ruptured Achilles tendon, and the whole thing played out over Twitter, leaving fans of both athletes swooning about their romance. And yeah, it is really cute and sweet what he did. But I'm not so sure Quinn would have done the very same thing if he was in a different position with his career.

Think about it ... the guy's kind of in a career lull. He's been put in the backseat by his coach ... not even mentioned as the possible starter replacement for Kyle Orton, who was benched recently for fan favorite Tim Tebow. He's not even a contender for the top position. So, it's kind of no wonder he was sort of like, "Eh, screw these guys, I'm gonna go visit my gf."


You know that if he was in Tebow's position, he may have re-thought the impulsive red-eye flight. He may have felt like he should have hung out more with the team, played the part of a leader, because that's what quarterbacks are to a team. But nah. He didn't feel obligated to do that. And come on, why should he prioritize his team when they're not prioritizing him?

But that's just how it is. No one will begrudge him spending time with his recovering girlfriend -- especially while he's not getting treated like a star athlete by the Broncos. And hey, this may actually work out in his favor anyway, at least when it comes to his popularity with female fans! Who knows ... maybe they'll start a movement to help him knock out Tebow for the top spot!

Do you think Brady Quinn would have flown to be with his girlfriend if he was getting more respect from his team?


Image via Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

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