Why We Love Creepy Site That Secretly Films Hot Guys

My husband. You can gawk.
If you're a hot guy who rides the subway, you might want to beware. If you're a lady -- or a gay man -- who rides the subway, or lives absolutely nowhere near a subway, you might want to log on. A "racy new website" called SubwayCrush.net secretly captures photos of innocent dudes, who happen to be smoking hot, during their commute, and lets users gawk and rate their attractiveness.

Creepy? Sure. But, hey, at least the site isn't secretly taking photos of women!


See, the way I see it, pretty much every single site that objectifies human beings out there objectifies women. So it's not a double standard. It's evening the playing field. I'm not saying Subway Crush is right, I'm just saying at least it's mixing it up a little bit. Let's spread the objectification.

The site actually started a few months ago and is a rendition of a British version called TubeCrush.net, which virtually does the same thing. Subway Crush's founder, Stephen Notion, says the site is simply about "admiring hot guys." Seems straightforward enough. After perusing through both sites -- for work -- I have to say, the New York dudes appear to be significantly hotter than the Brits. I think if I heard both sets of guys speak, though, I would probably change my vote.

All in all, this is a sort of frightening venture, but unfortunately, it's the voyeuristic world we live in. And fortunately, the site is dedicated to guys, not girls. It's not as fun as it looks, now is it?

Do you think this site is creepy?


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