Mountain Biker Taken Out by Antelope Is Perfect PSA for Helmets (VIDEO)

evan van der spuy antelopeI'll say this for the video of South African mountain biker Evan van der Spuy being taken out by a galloping antelope. After watching it, I will never leave my helmet off because it makes me feel like a dork. Never. Ever.

The video that popped up last night on the Facebook walls of nearly half the guys I went to high school with makes getting tackled by the likes of football's Ray Lewis seem like a walk in the park. Van der Spuy is cycling along for Team Jeep South Africa in a race at Albert Falls Dam in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa and then blam-o! T-boned by a red hartebeest buck with huge antlers!


Say it with me now. OUCH! Team Jeep has photos up on their Facebook page of the cracked remains of van der Spuy's helmet, where he jokes that he may need a new one (take a look: it's not a matter of "may"). The fact that he's even alive after tangling with something like that is a testament to the power of that plastic chunk of dorkiness atop his noggin.

That settles it for me. Next time out on the road, I'll be a free-wheeling fashion victim for sure.

Now, I know what you're thinking, this is Africa. You've seen enough TV specials to know that place is just teeming with wildlife. That wouldn't happen here. But get this: there is only one kind of antelope in all of South Africa. The country isn't swarming with the beasts. Van der Spuy tangled with the one and only kind, a subspecies that just so happens to reach a weight of about 330 pounds.

Just think, State Farm's latest statistics claim a deer and a vehicle will have a "confrontation" once every 5 seconds in the United States in November of this year. Now imagine you're on your bike instead of inside your car.

Anything can happen. Anytime. Anywhere.

Does this video make you want to wear a helmet ... everywhere?


Image via YouTube

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