iPhone 4S Sales Prove Everyone Just Loves to Complain

God, the iPhone 4S announcement was such a huge disappointment, wasn't it? After waiting all those months and hearing all those rumors—all we got was an extra "S"? So much hype, and no iPhone 5? Where was the wow factor? Where was the thrilling new design? Where was that Apple magic we've all come to count on?

With all the complaining going on around the Internet a week ago, iPhone 4S orders must be in the toilet. I mean, it's not like everyone who bitched about the phone turned around and bought it, right?



As it turns out, pre-orders for the 4S have already broken records for previous iPhone sales. In fact, Apple processed more than one million orders for the iPhone 4S in the first 24 hours it was on sale. Apple, AT&T, and Verizon have all announced that they ran out of inventory for delivery to customers on Friday, October 14. Apple's stock initially took a hit after the 4S announcement, but bounced to $383.84 today, up $13.87.

Well, this certainly proves a few things about Apple and its customers. For one thing, new Apple products are no longer meant for early adopters. There is a huge and thriving mainstream market that's perfectly happy to whip out their credit card for a decent phone upgrade. The fanboys/girls can continue to breathlessly tune into the company keynotes, hoping for the next magical device that's going to utterly transform our lives—but these people no longer represent Apple's bread and butter. Cutting-edge tech fans may be Apple's
loudest customers, but they're becoming the minority.

People who complained probably still reached for their wallet, too. Sure, the new phone doesn't have a shiny 5 in its name and it doesn't come with a personal jetpack, but we've got iMessage, iCloud, Siri voice recognition, and the fancy new 8 megapixel camera. The iPhone 4S comes in at the same price as the existing iPhone 4 with a new dual-core processor, greatly improved camera, and longer battery life. It may be a modest upgrade, but it's still an upgrade.

Apple's sales numbers prove the only people who got it wrong with this release were the folks who predicted it would be a giant failure. And maybe this whole thing—the anticipation, the rumor-mongering, the inevitable letdown—shows us that by losing sight of true forward momentum in the world of tech, we engineer our own disappointment.

After all, it wasn't Apple who created the hype around the iPhone 5. It was us. Well, and also Hitler.

Were you unhappy with the iPhone 4S announcement? Are you going to buy one anyway?

Image via Apple

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