New Apple iMessage Makes Texting Free ... for a Price

iphone ios5 imessageWith the advent of the iPhone, Apple forever changed the way we use cellphones. Now, it seems like they're hoping to overhaul how we send text messages. On Wednesday, Apple will launch iMessage, which is an app that allows you to send unlimited texts over a Wi-Fi connection or mobile data connection (AT&T's 3G or Verizon's EDGE). It will work on any device that is running the new iPhone/iPad software, iOS 5.

As you probably know from experience, mobile carriers have historically charged customers a monthly flat rate for unlimited texting or even an individual cost per text. But now, with iMessage coming out, they're kinda shaking in their boots! 

Inteeeeeeresting how it makes so much more sense now, too, why AT&T would begin to offer its customers unlimited calling from mobile-to-mobile ... as long as you pay for the unlimited messaging plan! A-ha!


So, in other words, if you were to bail on that texting plan -- because you want to strictly use iMessage -- you'd have to pay more for more minutes. Okay, that's just AT&T. I don't know what Verizon plans to do to compete, but I'm sure they've figured it out already. After all, they make $7 billion a year from texting fees! They're all gonna get us any way they can!

Regardless of the billing rock and hard place I'd be in if I axed my AT&T unlimited texting plan, I'm not sure everyone will want or be ABLE to rely exclusively on an app for texting. After all, iMessage will only work on iOS devices, after all, and what if you need to send a text to your mom who still uses a Samsung flip phone?! 

iMessage may seem intimidating to cellphone companies at first, but they'll work around it. As for iPhone users, it'll just be one more helpful thing our phones can do for us.

Do you think iMessage will replace text messaging?

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