Here’s More Proof That Netflix Movie Rentals Are a Mess

netflixJust when it seems like things can't get any worse or disorganized-looking for Netflix, they go and cancel Qwikster -- their stoner-Tweeting, DVD-only subsidiary -- before it ever even saw the light of day.

Today, the company announced its abrupt change of plans, saying that they would not, after all, be turning their DVD-by-mail service into a separate division. Netflix customers, the few who are left, will "continue to use one website, one account, and one password" for all their viewing needs. Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO, said in a statement, "There is a difference between moving quickly -- which Netflix has done very well for years -- and moving too fast, which is what we did in this case."

Okay, alright, the dude can admit his wrongdoing. I like that in a CEO. But now ... about that 60 percent price hike ...


Unfortunately, the new pricing structure will stay as is, which means, to this gal, that the Netflix backlash -- and lack of customers -- will stay as is, also. You can separate your company into two, then paste it back together with a top-of-the-line glue gun, Mr. Hastings, but nothing's going to mask an almost double payment fee.

All that's happening right now is it seems like Netflix is having an identity crisis. The one-time juggernaut company doesn't seem to have the faintest clue of what it is anymore -- a DVD service, a streaming service, an affordable service, an out-of-nowhere expensive service. And to state the obvious, it doesn't bode well for them. Because everybody knows the only thing worse than a disorganized company is an over-priced disorganized company. Get it together, guys.

Do you still have Netflix?

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