Tiger Woods Narrowly Escapes Flying Wiener Attack

hot dogFor all intents and purposes, Tiger Woods has had it pretty easy since he, you know, cheated on his beautiful wife Elin Nordegren with 73 trashy, slutty gals. I mean, sure, there was a media storm surrounding him -- how could there not be? -- but it's not like he quit golf and society altogether and exiled himself to some remote island to reflect on his wrongdoings. He's back on the green and the dude just signed an endorsement deal with Rolex. He's hanging in there just fine.

But the former No. 1 player in the world got his on Sunday at the Frys.com Open when a fan yelled Tiger's name at the seventh green, ducked under the gallery ropes, and chucked a hot dog at the golfer.

At last, justice delivered.


Well, sort of. The hot dog didn't exactly reach Tiger. In fact, it came nowhere near him. And the dude was handcuffed, escorted from the course, and charged with disturbing the peace, a misdemeanor. Point is, it was a valiant effort. And at least Tiger knows that people think about throwing meaty treats at him.

Just between you and me, I think the hot dog thrower went about this all wrong. I mean, if it even reached Woods, what's the worst it could have done? Gotten a little grease on his polo shirt? The man should have taken a page out of Dan Diggins', head of security for tournament sponsor Frys Electronics, book. Diggins said, "It wasn't a chili dog. That could have been really bad."

Yes, it would have, Dan, yes it would have.

Do you think Tiger Woods deserved to have a hot dog thrown at him?


Image via ddaarryynn/Flickr

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