Facebook Makes Deployed Marine's Wish Come True

dog 'n suds root beerIt seems like every day we're hearing new stories about how people freak out ... even turn super-violent ... all because of a post they saw on Facebook. It's a little out of control. But a U.S. marine from Tippecanoe County in Indiana who is deployed in Afghanistan proved just the opposite recently. Sometimes, the social network really can facilitate incredible acts of humanity. 

On Monday, Marine Jordan Fetcher posted on his favorite root beer brand Dog 'n Suds' Facebook page, asking if the root beer could be shipped to Afghanistan, so he could share it with his fellow Marines. In just 24 hours, the comment led to Operation Freedom Foam ... tons of Dog 'n Suds' Facebook fans started donating money to get the root beer to the Marine!


Now, the owner of Dog 'n Suds is actually donating all of the root beer, but his son set up a way for people to donate to cover the shipping cost -- which is about $25.50 per case. In the matter of a DAY, more than $800 was donated to help pay for shipping!

Wow! I'm so impressed with these Dog 'n Suds Facebook fans! How incredibly altruistic and awesome are they?!

Sure, there are tons of movements on Facebook. President Obama owes his election in large part to the power of social media. But it's not every day you see people band together on the site for random, perhaps seemingly small acts of kindness like this. No, seeing that our troops over in Afghanistan get their hands on quality root beer isn't exactly a world-changing cause, but it's definitely worthwhile. Something that will brighten many a Marine's day. There's something to be said for that. Maybe there's something to being a part of the social network that helped get 'er done!

Have you ever been motivated to donate to a cause via Facebook?


Image via Steven Depolo/Flickr

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