6 Sleek iPhone 4S Cases for Less Than $30

iphone 4 case$24.99, Marware.comThe news about the iPhone 4S wasn't exactly what Macheads had been hoping for. And can you blame us? After months and months filled with iPhone 5 hopes and dreams, Apple crushed them with a "new" version of the 4, where the only major difference is this silly Siri voice activation software.

Nevertheless, there is some good news! Since the new iPhone is the same size as its predecessor, all the cases on the market fit the latest design! No need to wait months and months for cool updated looks to come out. And since you're already spending a bit of moolah on your cell, let me save you a few buckaroos on the case. Check out these 6 great iPhone 4S cases for under $30:





I use inCase products on everything Mac I own, from my iPhone to my iPad and MacBook Pro. They're durable, and I love their sleek, smooth finish. This Hybrid Cover ($29.95, GoinCase.com) is a solid find, and will definitely keep your phone safe from dings and drops!


If your kiddos don't already try to steal your iPhone, they will now if you grab this cute little Waddler Case ($27.99, RytherCamera.com).


yellow iphone

I love the bright yellow color on this Impact Series Case ($19.95, OtterBox.com). Since it feels like everyone who's anyone has an iPhone now, at least yours will stand out!


For the Hello Kitty fans, this iPhone case ($3.69, iThrough.com) is a total bargain. You might have an eensy bit of trouble taking it out of your pocket, though.


This geometric pattern is an eye-catcher. The best part about this Hurley Geo Case ($29.95, Store.Apple.com) is that it will match absolutely everything!

Do you have an iPhone? Are you planning on buying the iPhone 4S?


Image via Marware.com

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