Sportscaster Drops F Bomb & It's Hilarious as Usual (VIDEO)

erin hawksworthAh, a reporter accidentally swearing on national television. There's nothing quite like it, is there? Even though we, ourselves, curse like longshoremen, there's just this, I don't know, weird sense of satisfaction, like we're privy to something we totally should not have seen, when witnessing such a mistake. It's a peek into how the proverbial sausage is made, if you will. And it's always hilarious. Especially when it's the f-bomb.

So, yeah. What I'm getting at here is there's a hysterical video of a pretty, young sportscaster named Erin Hawksworth dropping the f-word like it ain't no thang after the jump. Happy Friday!


I think what's more shocking than the word being on television itself is A) her delivery -- am I the only one who felt like she was casually laughing and talking like she was at a bar? -- and B) the fact that neither of the dudes as much as batted an eyelash afterward; they just keep on truckin'.

Whatever. An f-bomb is an f-bomb. And this one works for me. Although the "Oh my God, what did I just say" face that usually comes afterward makes it a little sweeter. Until the next time.

Does this type of thing make you giggle?

Image via YouTube

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