Woman Beaten for Not 'Liking' Ex's Facebook Status

facebook likeAdmit it. When you post a status update to Facebook, you're secretly hoping tons of people will comment or "like" it. It's sort of the reason behind the posting, isn't it? I mean, that is how we get our sense of approval these days -- through the mindless clicks of people we haven't seen or physically talked to in years. And if no one acknowledges your pithy proclamation, or someone who you thought would doesn't, you secretly get sort of pissed. But you can't say anything, because we're talking about a Facebook status update for God's sake.

Poor Benito Apolinar of Texas recently experienced a bit of the latter. He posted a heartfelt update on the anniversary of his mother's death and waited for the comments to pour in. When his estranged ex-wife, Dolores, didn't as much as offer a g.d. "like," well, he didn't just say something. He physically assaulted her.

Oh, technology.


According to the criminal complaint, after giving Dolores ample time to respond, Benito told her he was not happy she didn't like his post. From there a verbal fight began. And from there, a physical fight began, during which Benito "hit Dolores" and "pulled her hair." No word on whether or not she ever liked the update.

So, here's an idea. Why don't we not get into altercations -- physical or otherwise -- over Facebook? Because it is, you know, Facebook after all. We can't give Zuckerberg that kind of power. And, side note, I'm sure this type of behavior isn't going on over at Google+.

Who the crap cares who likes what on your page? I know, we all do, but think about how many times you've haphazardly "liked" something just 'cause on somebody else's page. Even if you barely read it. That's what people are doing to you. They don't really "like" the fact that you just made a pie. They're just being nice.

So, the next time somebody doesn't comment on something you posted (or, worse, nobody), take a chill pill and move on, because remember, they really don't care that much in the first place. Or keep clogging up their newsfeed until they do. That'll show 'em. Or they'll block you.

Do you care if people "like" your status updates?


Image via birgerking/Flickr

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