Milwaukee Brewers' Secret Weapon for World Series Is Short & Sweet

milwaukee brewers logoThe Milwaukee Brewers may have a clever secret weapon for winning the World Series. Meet Tom Martin -- a Brewers fan who shows love for his fave MLB team in a unique, poetic way. No, seriously. The guy has penned a haiku after every Brewers game for more than two seasons now! Uh, yeah. And sometimes, he even writes more than one per game! Hahaha.

He explains, "Game in and game out, I've worked tirelessly to supply the as-yet-unrealized demand for Brewer game recaps in 17 carefully placed syllables."

Hey, why not, you know? In a time when so many people act like total idiots when they're taken out to a ball game, this Tom guy is a breath of fresh air!


What he's doing actually makes a lot of sense. People want their sports info fast. So fast we're willing to pay extra for "boosted Internet" and smartphone data plans so we can get our up-to-the-minute scores. These haikus aren't exactly the same, but they would convey the gist of a game in a super-concise way! Fans can even follow Tom on Twitter @brew_haiku

Check out some samples of his work ...

A haiku from Saturday's playoff game: "Clutch 2 out hitting/Kennedy stays in for Prince/Prince? He makes him pay."

And one from last week's final win over the Pirates: "Game one sixty-two/supreme regular season/play next one at home."

But this classic one, from 2009, which has absolutely nothing to do with the game itself is by far my fave: "Highlight of the game/Chorizo falls on its head/Sombrero mishap."

Entertaining, right? Tom says he would happily tweet his haikus once an inning from the broadcast booth, but the Brewers claim they don't really have an official opportunity for him at this time. LAME-o! At least they value the "energy he's putting into this." Hey, you never know ... that kind of energy could give them the leg up they need to win this year!

What do you think about Tom's baseball haikus?


Image via Michael Napoleon/Flickr

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