Adorable 6-Year-Old Cardinals Fan Should Take Over as Coach (VIDEO)

Crying Cardinals FanNew York Yankees fans -- me included -- are crying in their cornflakes this morning over the devastating loss to the Detroit Tigers last night. But all it takes is one look at the video of the young St. Louis Cardinals fan doing some major boo hooing over his team's fate to make me buck up. This young man's one true blue fan, but he knows how to make it better! If only someone would listen to the little kids ...


The 6-year-old was facing his Cardinals loss to the Phillies in the National League Division Series earlier this week, and he just didn't understand. Why didn't they move their butts around the bases? In his mind, they weren't even trying! He knows what they need to do to win! So why weren't they doing it?

I have to say I feel his pain. The Yanks were getting on base last night, but no one was getting home! But I digress. This is about a little boy's devotion to his team and the way he handled it:

Pretty naturally, I think. I've seen grown fans take it worse (ahem, whiny Yanks fan here), and a certain man in his 30s who shall remain nameless for the sake of anonymity remembers hiding under a desk as a little boy when his favorite college football team lost the national championship. He was a wreck.

But this boy isn't just whining. He's not burning jerseys like the big babies down in Texas who are mad at Tony Romo. He's got some constructive criticism! Run! Try!

Maybe Tony La Russa should take this kid and put him on the management team so the Cards can take Game 5? What do you think?


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