Former MLB Player Wins Car, Then Has Car Taken Away

ford mustangSteve Avery, former World Series pitcher, recently won a car during a raffle at Cabrini High School's homecoming game in Michigan. And then, a short while later, he had it taken away.

After having his name randomly picked, Steve got the chance to participate in a contest that would reward him with a two-year lease on a sweet Ford Mustang. All he had to do was hit a target with a football from 20 yards away within 30 seconds. And guess what? The SOB pulled it off!

But then when he went to redeem his prize, his visions of destination-less road trips in a Tom Petty-blaring convertible were dashed, because the school was all, "Sorry, buddy. We meant you had to hit 10 targets in 30 seconds." And just like that, they yanked it away.


Tricia Reed, who is in charge of leasing and customer relations at the Ford dealership that donated the car, said there was confusion about the rules. “They knew it at the ticket booths, and it was printed on the tickets, so I’m not sure where the confusion came from,” she said. Likely story.

Well, it is sort of weird that this "confusion" occurred. I mean, there's kind of a big difference between 1 and 10. And if it were some random guy or gal from Michigan who lost out on a car, I'd be a little up in arms about this. But the fact is -- this was a professional athlete trying to win a car by doing something athletic. That doesn't seem fair.

The rules specifically stated that no NFL or former NFL players were allowed to take part in the contest, but left out anything about other professional athletes. So Steve saw nothing wrong with taking part. And who's to say what he would have done with the car after he won it, but, I don't know, a man who was a professional pitcher for 13 years doesn't really seem like somebody who needs a car. Or somebody who should be permitted to take part in a contest of throwing things.

Sorry you lost out on the Mustang, Steve (not really). And Cabrini High, get your crap together.

Do you think Steve should have been allowed to take part in the contest?


Image via katherintompkins/Flickr

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