3 (Million) Ways Steve Jobs Changed Moms' Lives

In the wake of Steve Jobs' death, countless numbers of articles are springing up across the web. Tributes to the man who was a visionary in the world of technology, personal accounts of how he and Apple changed our own lives.

It's nearly impossible to overstate the influence Steve Jobs had on the world, and how his products impacted so many of us. I spent most of last evening thinking of the ways my life—particularly in motherhood—has been enriched because of Apple, and the list just went on and on. When I look around my house at the Apple products I own, I don't just see a collection of electronic gadgets ... I see amazing tools that have truly made parenthood more meaningful for me.


The iPhone. If you have one, it's probably the most-used piece of technology you own. I use mine all day long, and rarely for making actual phone calls. My phone helps me stave off loneliness during my long WAHM days by keeping me connected to people. My phone lets me take candid photos of my family, capturing thousands of tiny wonderful moments forever. My phone entertains restless kids when we're stuck in waiting rooms, it reminds me when there's a school appointment, it helps me navigate my way to playdates, it lets me identify a song on the radio so I can play it for my kid later.

I used my phone to capture the first image of my newborn son—and instantly share the photo with family and friends.

The iPad. My kids can navigate my iPad better than I can. They use it to play games, but they also use it for learning. My 3-year-old traces letters and numbers on the iPad; he strums guitars and pounds on drums. They watch movies on it in the backyard during warm summer nights; they flip through Dr. Seuss e-books in hotel rooms.

The Mac. I could talk about how using a Mac helped me fall in love with writing and thus changed the entire course of my life—but in thinking of how the Mac has changed motherhood for me, I'm not even sure where to get started. I have videos of my children's first steps, thanks to iMovie. My children routinely see their grandparents, thanks to video calling. I have tens of thousands of archived family photos, thanks to iPhoto. I have a growing collection of music, movies, and TV shows the kids love, thanks to iTunes. I use my Mac to share stories about my life as a mother, and connect with a community I never would have known otherwise.

I could go on and on. How a tiny iPod Shuffle helped me push through my first marathon, which taught me I could handle anything parenting had to throw at me. How our Apple TV lets us have a family dance party every night, thanks to YouTube'd Parry Gripp videos. How spending nearly a decade working for a company that developed software for Apple hardware led me to the career I have today.

It's so much more than computers and phones. Steve Jobs truly changed motherhood for me, and for that I can only say thank you, thank you, thank you.

How have Steve Jobs and Apple changed your life?

Image via Bearpark/Flickr

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