Rogue Squirrel Steals Show During Baseball Playoffs (VIDEO)

squirrel runs across home baseWhen a baseball player gets distracted, the culprit tends to be more of the fan-created variety. You know, crazy, hooting, hollering, drunk fans. Celebrity fans (ahem, Gaga!) causing quite a stir from the stands. That kind of thing. But during the fifth inning of the NLDS Game 4 between the Philadelphia Phillies and the St. Louis Cardinals, something out of the ordinary caught Roy Oswalt (who was on the mound) and St. Louis' Skip Schumaker (up to bat at home plate) off guard ... it was a SQUIRREL!

OMG, sooo funny! The fluffy-tailed little guy somehow got misplaced in the first-base dugout (or really has aspirations to play in the major leagues) and darted out onto the field, running across home plate as Oswalt delivered a pitch to Schumaker, totally distracting the pitcher! 


Here's the video (which even includes SLOW-MO action, bhahahahah!!) ...

OMG. OMG. HAHAHA, I love it! What a crazy-ass squirrel! I swear, there's something in the air with them right now. Maybe something to do with preparing for cold weather? But at least three of 'em tried to commit suicide jumping in front of my car the other day!

Anyway, I guess the squirrel is something of a Cardinals fan, because its mischief led to the pitch being called a ball by the umpire. The Phillies' starter and even manager Charlie Manuel got up in arms huffing and puffing about how they should get a do-over due to the squirrely distraction, but there's nothing in the MLB rule book that would allow for that. Hahaha, oh well, too bad! That's just the nature of playing out in the open, and personally, I find it hilarious. (I also have a strange obsession with squirrels, so maybe I'm not the least biased judge of this incident.)

Does this crack you up?


Image via YouTube

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