The Best App to Catch an iPhone Thief

iphoneIf you're a loyal reader of The Stir, which I know you are, you may recall a few months back, we ran a fascinating little piece about a man who stole someone's laptop and was caught via an innovative app called Hidden. Hidden is essentially a tracking device for your computer that also happens to take photos of the person who stole it. Pretty genius. Well, now a similar app called iGotYa exists for the iPhone. And thanks to it, another idiot was just busted.

The iPhone of a 31-year-old woman in Queens was recently snatched after some shadeball dude bumped into her. After she realized her phone was gone, she activated iGotYa. When the dude tried to unlock her phone, it took a photo of him and emailed it to the woman, who recognized him from earlier. She then gave the photo to police. Booya. Choke on that, iPhone thieves.


iGotYa is a third-party app made by the company Cydia and is not available in the official Apple app store. Apple offers the free Find My iPhone software instead, which shows a stolen phone's approximate location on a map, but doesn't snap a picture of the thief. In order to use iGotYa, users are required to "jailbreak" their iPhones, over-riding Apple's built-in ban on competitors' software. Jailbreaking is actually totally legal since the practice doesn't violate copyright laws. So, in other words, what are you waiting for?

iPhones, like all Apple products, are a hot commodity. And they're a hell of a lot easier to steal than a laptop. Hopefully this app (having it on your phone or the simple fact that it exists) will serve as a deterrent. And if it doesn't, well, at least we all get to laugh at the photos of the idiot criminals who think they're so slick.

Would you get iGotYa for your phone?


Image via Incase./Flickr

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