The iPhone 4S Is Completely Unnecessary

iphoneThere are many things on this earth I absolutely adore, but could totes live without. You know, like my curling iron, my morning pumpkin spice coffee, and large quantities of Yellow Tail Merlot. My iPhone 4, however, is not one of those things. I need this white gem. I love it with all I've got. And if given the opportunity to switch to the iPhone 4S on October 14, even if it wouldn't cost me a couple hundred to break my contract, I STILL definitely wouldn't.

Why's that, you ask? Well because in my eyes, even with its Siri assistant software and a "super cool new camera" -- the new ritzy snazzy iPhone 4S is the lazy man's iPhone 4. TAKE THAT, APPLE!


The iPhone 4S will be the first and only phone from Apple equipped with this Siri business. THAT is the biggest draw, aside from the slightly faster download speeds and better quality camera (8 megapixel vs. 5 megapixel). For those of you who missed yesterday's big Apple announcement -- essentially what this application does is serve as your personal assistant. The iPhone user simply presses a button, and then tells their little gadget what they want. Using voice recognition, the application can send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and much more. Is it cool? Yes. Of course it is.

But let's talk functionality in a few different situations for a moment, can we? First -- when you're sitting at your desk in the office surrounded by your coworkers, talking to your cellphone isn't exactly convenient. AND I'm pretty positive you're going to look like a crazy yenta rambling to yourself in line at Starbucks -- especially when you repeat yourself four times over since it's too loud in the surrounding area. Ooooh -- and even worse?! If you forget to turn it off, I bet you $5 that you'll blush a bit when it reads the latest dirty text from your boo when you're on the subway. Siri is starting to sound like a tad bit of a hassle, no?

Sure, you can tell me I'm just jealous. But I'm being 100 percent honest, I'm really not. I personally can do everything that Siri does on my own, and so can you! I can schedule meetings. I can open Maps to see if there is traffic in my local area. I can text my dad to tell him I got home safely after the long drive back from Grandma's. Sure, Siri looks cool. But all it is is their hook for the iPhone 4S. Definitely not necessary.

If you have the iPhone 4 already, then switching to the 4S is a silly move -- unless your work is paying the slack. Wait until Apple comes out with the iPhone 5 in 2012, and even then, I have my doubts on how much better the Macheads can make something that's already almost perfect.

Are you going to buy the iPhone 4S?


Image via BeauGiles/Flickr

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